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This was a gift... how do I log in?
If you received a Creations & Libations box as a gift, the person that gifted you should be sending you an e-mail with log in information. If that person has lost the e-mail or you still need help logging in please contact us via FB messenger.
We want you to be able to paint and party in the dark in your very own home, so we're sending everything that you'll need to throw a totally awesome Black Light Paint Night paint party directly to your door!

The box itself turns into your easel complete with brush holders and even a paint pallet.

With your Creations & Libations box you'll get:
- a set of brushes
- blacklight reactive paint
- a blacklight
- a set of acrylic paint colors
- a canvas
- a mystery mixer  
- a mystery garnish
- surprise glow jewelry
- an official "log in" so you can watch the video and paint along  with the party!

 Whether you're making a cocktail or a "mock-tail", use the mixer and garnish to make your very own libation!
Once you've purchased a box you'll become an official Creator! Then log back on to this site to watch the video and paint along with the party! When you're done upload your creation to our Facebook group and show all of our other Creators! You might just get enough interaction to score yourself a special gift from Creations & Libations!

Step 1:
 Order your box.
It's easy and convenient!
When your Creations & Libations box arrives, you just unpack your goodies to see what's in your Creations & Libations mystery box. You can then log on and paint with the party any time you'd like!
Step 2:
Receive your goodies!
 When your box arrives and you're ready to paint, log on to as a "Creator", and enter your "Creator Code" (password). Your Creations & Libations Box transforms into your easel and paint pallet!  When you're ready to create just pour yourself a cocktail or mock-tail using the mystery mixer and garnish, log on to the site, watch and paint along with the party!
Step 3:
Create & Share!
Turn on your blacklight and add your special paint to your creation when you're ready to get your glow on.  Take as much or as little time to create as you'd like because at the end of the day... this is YOUR creation! When you're finished, upload it to our Creator leader-board on our Facebook page so that other creators can see how the world looks through your eyes! The creator with the most interaction at the end of each month will receive a gift from Creations & Libations!
kickstarter creations & libations
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