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A "Haunted" Black Light Paint Night Party?!?

Creations & Libations has collaborated with The Savannah Underground to create the very FIRST and ONLY fully immersive paint & sip haunted attraction... with a twist. 

Creations & Libations is a paint & sip that is well known for painting and partying in the dark, and The Savannah Underground is well known for scaring the wits out of you with its fully immersive performance.

We saw a perfect opportunity to collaborate, and now we can't wait for you to experience it!

So, what is it exactly? It is a haunted attraction? Is it a paint & sip? Is it scary? Is it a show?


Well, the easy answer is yes, it's a little bit of everything.

Creations & Libations is known for "breaking down the walls" of traditional paint & sips, and we were so happy to partner with The Savannah Underground, because let's face it, rent in downtown Savannah is not cheap. Let's just say that Creations & Libations got this space at a really great price... but some strange things have been happening during our move in. Lights have been known to flicker. Our speaker system has been turning itself on and off. There's even a very eerie feeling when you step foot in the adjacent room. 

The Savannah Underground and Creations & Libations have a feeling that there may be some well known spirits from Savannah lingering. Now, it's your job to help us manifest those spirits through your creations, and see what it is that they need!

Paint and party in the dark, but try to keep a watchful eye out, if you can. 

Leave with your very own unique creation as your souvenir, that is, if you leave at all.


This is a perfect experience for both tourists and locals, and it will make for a bachelorette party experience that you'll never forget! 

This theatrical performance and paint & sip immersive experience is about 2 hours long.



*Ages 13+ recommended with adult supervision. 

*You must be 21+ to drink.

*BYOB - unopened bottles only please. 

Directions to the Creations & Libations "Haunted" Paint & Sip show located at The Savannah Underground:

About Us:

What once started out as a little storefront in Beaufort, SC called: "Creations & Libations of the Lowcountry", turned in to something much bigger.


The founder of Creations & Libations, LLC wanted it to be a different kind of Create & Sip experience:

"We're not like all the other create and sips. We're an experience. We didn't want to teach art lessons. We don't call ourselves "artists", we call ourselves "creator entertainers", because our job is to entertain you. We don't want your painting to look exactly like ours... we want YOUR painting to look like YOUR painting.  We turn out the lights, turn on the blacklights, crank the music, put on a show to keep you entertained, and have a paint party in the dark because we want you to lose your inhibitions.  At Creations & Libations we want you to have fun. Art is subjective, so just have fun! That's all we ask from our Creators. Contact us to book an unforgettable experience and enjoy a "create and sip" like no other, because we can't wait to create with you!"

-Carissa, Owner/Founder Creations & Libations, LLC

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