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About Us:

What once started out as a little storefront in Beaufort, SC called: "Creations & Libations of the Lowcountry", turned in to something much bigger.


The founder of Creations & Libations, LLC wanted it to be a different kind of Create & Sip experience:

"We're not like all the other create and sips. We're an experience. We didn't want to teach art lessons. We don't call ourselves "artists", we call ourselves "creator entertainers", because our job is to entertain you. We don't want your painting to look exactly like ours... we want YOUR painting to look like YOUR painting.  We turn out the lights, turn on the blacklights, crank the music, put on a show to keep you entertained, and have a paint party in the dark because we want you to lose your inhibitions.  At Creations & Libations we want you to have fun. Art is subjective, so just have fun! That's all we ask from our Creators. Contact us to book an unforgettable experience and enjoy a "create and sip" like no other, because we can't wait to create with you!"

-Carissa, Owner/Founder Creations & Libations, LLC

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