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Artful Entertainment For Your Event:

-Lollipop/Aerial Champagne Service
-Cirque Entertainment On Our Indoor/Outdoor Rig
-Flow Entertainment
-Living Statues
-Live Body Painting

-Glow Paint & Sip Parties
-Circus parties at Wildflower Gymnastics Center

We can create the most artful entertainment for any occasion! 

Call For Entertainment Booking Information: 860.877.0074

Our performers are also aerial instructors at Creations Aerial Arts in Beaufort, SC. 

Aerial Arts Classes:

Youth Lyra/Aerial Hoop, Silks, Lollipop, and Hammock Classes 

Every Monday - Thursday

Team Practice On Thursdays

Private Lessons Available Upon Request


Located at Wildflower Gymnastics Center

1900 Boundary St.

Beaufort, SC

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